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Prominent Families of Woburn


Baldwin, Blodgett/Blogget, Brooks, Brown, Bruce, Bryant, Buck, Buckman, Burbeen, Butterfield, Butters, Carter, Chamberlain, Clark, Cleveland, Converse, Cummings, Cutler, Cutter, Dean, Doherty, Eames, Eaton, Emerson, Evans, Farrar, Flagg, Fowle, Fox, French, Fuller, Gardner, Gleason, Green, Hadley, Hamlet, Hall, Hayward, Holden, Jaquith, Johnson, Jones, Kendall, Kilham, Knight, Lawrence, Learned, Leathe, Lepingwell, Lewis, Locke, Lovejoy, McIntire, Mead, Menchin, Munroe, Murray, Nelson, Nevers, Nichols, Parker, Pearsons, Pierce, Polly, Proctor, Reed, Remington, Richardson, Roberts, Russell, Sawyer, Simonds, Skelton, Skinner, Smith, Snow, Stephens, Swan, Symmes, Tay, Thompson, Tidd, Tottingham, Trull, Twist, Tyler, Vinton, Wade, Walker, Waters, Watts, Welch, Whitmore, Williams, Wilson, Winn, Wood, Wright, Wyman, Young. 

*These are just a few of the most popular names found in Woburn Record of Births, Deaths, and Marriages, from 1640-1873, Part 1 - Births.  There are many more surnames in this book that I can do limited lookups from, just email me about any others!

Prominent Families of Woburn



Probably from Devonshire, in England, was one of the first settlers of Woburn.

Account of John Burbeen

Complete book now online for your viewing pleasure!


From the Highlands of Scotland, onto New England and then to Woburn/Wilmington.


Hailing from Hinderclay Parish, Suffolk, England.


The original Cleveland located himself in Woburn a few years after its first settlement and became the pro­genitor of a numerous race.


County Norfolk, England to Watertown, and then to Woburn/Wilmington.


Descendants of Captain Edward Johnson of Woburn.


One branch of the Kendall family that made its way through Woburn


County Yorkshire, England to New England and New Hampshire.


The Richardson's and Wyman's are intertwined here, but all from Westmill, Hertford, England and then onto Woburn, where they completed the task of setting up a new township.


Extracts of records from Sewall's History of Woburn and Bartlett's Russell Genealogy books.


John Tidd, of Charlestown and Woburn, Massachusetts - with many spellings of the name.


Captain Richard Walker, the immigrant ancestor, was born in England in 1590. He came to New England in 1630, and settled at Lynn, Massachusetts.


From a remote period the Wynn, Wynne and Winn families were located in Wales.


Thomas Wymant on down the line to my connections with the Wyman family.

Found in Louisiana Genealogical Register, Vol. XLVII, #3, Sept., 2000, page 20:

New Orleans DELTA newspaper, issue of Mar.20, 1858:

"WIFE WANTED--By a young man of good moral character.  Would like a young Southern lady of some means.  For further particulars, address immediately.  F.R. Huntley, North Woburn, MA."  

Editor's note, same issue, added to the notice, which was copied verbatim:  "We hardly think that any of our Creole Belles will jump at "this young man of good moral character" while there are so many warm hearted gallant beaux at home.  Mr. Huntley must be in bad odor with the Yankee gals."

Copyright © LA Gen. & Historical Society Issue of Sept., 2000.
Thanks to Gloria in Baton Rouge, for sending me this tidbit!

Woburn Families Links


Baldwin - Baldwin Papers

Baldwin - Henry Baldwin of Woburn

Buck - Ephraim Buck and Descendants

Conway - Anthony Conway Descendants

Converse - Converse Connections

Cummings - Isaac Cummings Family Assn.

Duffy - Genealogy of the Duffy Family

Flagg - Early Flagg Families of Mason, NH

Jaquith - The Jaquith's of Massachusetts

Kilham - Kilham Descendants

Knight - Descendants of John Knight of Woburn, Mass.

Learned - Descendants of William Learned

Locke - Locke Genealogy

McClay - McClay Family of Laghy, Donegal

Pierce - Thomas Pierce of Woburn

Snow - Ancestors of William Snow

Tidd - Tidd Genealogy

Tidd - Tidd Family from the files of Stephen Lawson

Wilson - Descendants of John Wilson of Woburn

If you have a family page with connections to Woburn Families, 
please let me know and I will post it here!

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Census Information




1790 Census of Wilmington, Massachusetts

I thought since this town is so close and many connections have come to and from Wilmington, that I would offer this to you also.

1790 Census of Woburn, Massachusetts

Find a few relatives here, just remember that this is Head of Households only.

1800 Census of Woburn, Massachusetts

See if your relatives stayed in Woburn. This census is also Head of Households only!

1810 Census of Woburn, Massachusetts

Find out if your relatives are still in Woburn. This census is also Head of Household too!

1820 Census of Woburn, Massachusetts

Drop in and see who's home in Woburn. This is Head of Households also.

1830 Census of Woburn, Massachusetts  

Did your relatives move to Woburn?  This census is still Head of Household only!

1840 Census of Woburn, Massachusetts    Part A

1840 Census of Woburn, Massachusetts    Part B

The size of the town of Woburn has just about tripled - Head of Household only still...

1850 Census of Woburn, Massachusetts    

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H

This census is huge...it is split up into eight separate pages (see above) for your viewing pleasure.  Now you can find out who was living in the entire household!


Feature Pages




Brother Vs. Brother

An Excerpt of John McElhiney's chapter on the Civil War in Woburn plus pics of the soldiers.

Civil War Regiments from Woburn:


22nd Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, Company "F"  


39th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, Company “K” (Woburn National Rangers)

Chronicles of Woburn

A monthly feature of historical and up to date articles about the town and people of Woburn - By Marie Coady of The Woburn Daily Times.

Chrono-Indexical History of Woburn, 1621-1892

This index was supposed to serve as a ready reference to forego looking through tedious historical volumes, town and county records and back files of newspapers.

Contributors to Woburn's Industries with Personal Sketches

This was issued as a supplement to THE NEWS (Woburn, Mass.) on September 17, 1898.  Information about the founding fathers of industry in Woburn, courtesy of Priscilla Haines.

Diary of Lieut. Samuel Thompson of Woburn   

Taken from, "The History of Woburn, Massachusetts", this is the diary of a soldier during the French-Indian War during the year of 1758.

Early Life 

Remembering his life in early Woburn through these pages - Thomas J. Glennon

Family Photos

This page is chocked full of old pictures of my family.

First Burial Grounds & First Burial Grounds, Pt. 2

Transcriptions of the First Burial Grounds of Woburn, Massachusetts.

Freemen Applicants of Woburn 

Massachusetts Applications of Freemen, 1630-91 - (Woburnites Only)

Genealogical Notices of the Earliest Inhabitants of Woburn and their families 

Alphabetical listing of the early inhabitants of Woburn, taken from, "The History of Woburn, Massachusetts".

History of Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts

University of Michigan Digital Library has digitized this book by Samuel Sewall for your online viewing pleasure!  You can order a copy of your own or just view it online; it comes complete with the index, which is hard to find in this book!

Historic Homes of Woburn

Excepts from Cutter's Historic Homes and Places of Middlesex County, Massachusetts with pictures too~

If It Be My Fate To Fall  

A new book by James F. Catania - about the life and trials of a Civil War soldier before and after the war, Private Edward K. Gazet.  Your chance to buy a copy is here also!

Imagery of Woburn

Old photos of the town of Woburn, my thanks to Tom Smith!


See what we have to offer!  Kind-hearted souls are willing to help you out of a stitch.

Massachusetts Name Changes 1780-1892

Name changes of Woburnites - so that is maybe why you can't find someone?

Old Drawings of Woburn

Many sketches of houses and the town of Woburn.

Probate Index of Woburn - A-K

Probate records from 1648-1870.

Probate Index of Woburn - L- Z

Probate records from 1648-1870.

Probate Index of Woburn - A-K

Probate records from 1870-1909.

Probate Index of Woburn - L-Z

Probate records from 1870-1909.

Query Page

Looking for those lost loved ones that have been eluding you?  Post a query!


Forty pages of recollections of growing up in Woburn by Thomas J. Glennon.

Second Burial Ground & Second Burial Ground, Pt. 2

Transcriptions of the Second Burial Ground of Woburn, Massachusetts.

Ventilator Cowl of the USS Maine

This is an offsite link to information on the cowl that was given to Woburn.

What Savage Had To Say...  
About the Early Settlers of Woburn - Only lists information from families that once settled in Woburn.

A - F     G - L     M - S     T - Z

Woburn Marriages to 1699

Transcription of William Montgomery Clemens. American Marriage Records before 1699, Woburnites only!

Woburn Marriages to 1800

This page is done by Ray Brown - taken from Early Massachusetts Marriages Prior to 1800 By Frederick W. Bailey; Worcester, MA 1914.

Woburn Marriages to 1800

These are marriages of Woburnites who married outside of Woburn.  Transcription from Early Massachusetts Marriages Prior to 1800 By Frederick W. Bailey; Worcester, MA 1914.

Woburn Men In The Indian And Other Wars (Previous to the year 1754)

Transcription of a 17 page booklet that I found by Arthur G. Loring and William R. Cutter - listings are of Woburnites only!

Woburn Men In The Revolutionary War 1775-1783

List of men who fought against the British that are from Woburn, including some gentlemen who joined our town to fight for the cause.

Woburn Men & Women in World War II    

Listing of men and women who fought for freedom in WW II that came from the town of Woburn.  Source:  General Marshall's VICTORY REPORT, On the winning of the World War II in Europe and the Pacific; with an added section featuring the contributions made by our own community toward the winning of the war.

Woodbrook Cemetery 

Complete listing of Interment and Lot cards of Woodbrook Cemetery - a modern day cemetery is here for your viewing!  Check back for updated "new" burials...

    Some of the features of this page include PDF files and you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them!


My Genealogy, My Passion - Email Me!


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