First Burial Ground
of Woburn

Park Street - Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts

This is the continuation for the transcriptions of the First Burial Ground of Woburn. Many additions were made, so another page was created!

First Burial Grounds, Woburn, Massachusetts
First Burial Grounds - Woburn, Massachusetts (Photo courtesy of Marie Coady)



Here lyes buried ye body of Mrs. Judith Tyng, wife to Colonel Jonathan Tyng, formerly wife to ye Reverend Mr. Jabez Fox, who died June 5th, Anno Dom., 1736, in ye 99th year of her age.

"A Woman of Most Exemplry Vertue & Piety, Rich in Grace, Ripe in Glory" 

 Judith (Reyner-Fox) Tyng, widow of Colonel Jonathan Tyng and formerly wife of Rev. Jabez Fox, daughter of the elder Rev. John Reyner, minister of Plymouth, Mass. and Dover, N. H.

hannahthomp1.JPG (2152936 bytes)

Here lyes buried ye body of Mrs. Hannah Thomson, who departed this life, June ye 16th, 1754, Aged 37 years.

Hannah Thompson never married; was daughter of Ebenezer and Mary (Winn) Thompson, and was buried by the side of her father.

Samuel Richardson

Here lyes buried ye body of Mr. Samuel Richardson, who departed this life, September ye 3rd, 1754, in ye 84th year of his age.

Samuel Richardson, born November 5, 1670, son of Samuel and Martha Richardson, married Susanna Richardson, January 6, 1703-4. His twin brother, Thomas, was slain by Indians, 1676.

jonapool.JPG (1763870 bytes)

Here lyes buried the body of Mr. Jonathan Pool, Esq'r., who departed this life, February 8, A.D. 1755. Aetatis 63.

"The Righteous are taken away from ye Evil to come,  while ye liveing lay it not to their Harts"
"The Memory of the Just is Blessed"

Jonathan Poole, Esquire, a gentleman "of distinction" in Woburn "from abroad." Selectman of the town from 1737 to 1740, and the same in 1744' and prominent on important committees, etc. Married wife, Esther, born October 17, 1695, daughter of Colonel Eleazer and Esther (Green) Flagg. Mrs. Esther Poole was deceased before June, 1772. Esquire Poole was employed to provide the "splendid and costly entertainment" made by the town at the ordination of the Reverend Edward Jackson, in 1729. His remarkable and oft-quoted bill against the town for expenses on that occasion is preserved in Woburn Records. He was administrator of the estate of Colonel Flagg, late of Woburn, deceased; and with Esther, his wife, and others, sells certain tracts of land in Lancaster, about two hundred and twenty-five acres, May 1, 1727.

sarahrich2.JPG (1459350 bytes)

In Memory of Mrs. Sarah Richardson, Widow of Mr. Thomas Richardson, who departed this life, June 12th, 1784, Aged 71 years.

Sarah (Brooks) Richardson, second wife and widow of Thomas Richardson, married October 18, 1742, was born December 25, 1714; daughter of Jabez and Hephzibah (Cutter) Brooks.  

Here lyes ye body of Hannah Peirce, Daughter of Mr. Josiah and Mrs. Hannah Peirce, who died October ye 23rd, 1755, Aged 27 years.

Hannah Peirce, born December 6, 1728, daughter of Deacon Josiah and Hannah Peirce of Woburn, and sister of Josiah Peirce, Jr.

georgereed1.JPG (1928290 bytes)

Here lyes buried ye body of Deacon George Reed, who departed this life, January ye 20th, A.D., in ye 96th year of his age.

Deacon George Reed, born in Woburn, September 14, 1660; married Abigail Peirce, his first wife; and second, Sybil Rice, of Sudbury. He was a deacon in First Church, Woburn, from 1719 till 1735, when, at the gathering of the Precinct (now Burlington) Church, he was chosen one of its two deacons. Lieut. Thomas Reed was his half brother. The mother of Deacon George Reed was Elizabeth Jennison, first wife of his father, George Reed, Sr.; the latter being a native of England.

Here lyes ye body of Mr. Noah Richardson, who departed this life, June ye 23rd, 1756, in ye 54th year of his age.

Noah Richardson, born March 5, 1702-3, son of Pierson and Mary (Perrin) Richardson, grandson of Lieut. John and Mary (Pierson) Richardson; married Phebe Walker. Noah Richardson was a hatter, living at the sign of the Ark in Woburn, latterly known as the Daniel Richardson Place, 616 Main Street. This was the original tavern stand in Woburn.

Here lyes ye body of Esther Richardson, Daughter of Mr. Noah and Mrs. Phebe Richardson, who departed this life, March ye 15, 1756, in ye 17th year of her age.

Esther Richardson, daughter of Noah and Phebe (Walker) Richardson, born September 29, 1739.

Ruhamah Heartwell

Here lyes ye body of Mrs. Ruhamah Heartwell, Widow to Deacon Joseph Heartwell, who died July 1st, 1756, in ye 78th year of her age.

Ruhamah (Cutter) Hartwell, widow of Deacon Joseph Hartwell, married February 1, 1705-6; youngest daughter and child of Richard and Frances (Perriman-Amsden) Cutter of Cambridge.

nathanbrooks1.JPG (2202570 bytes)

Here lyes buried the b*d* ** Mr. Nathan Brooks, who departed this life, January 26th, 1758, Aged 30 years.

Nathan Brooks, born November 6, 1727, son of Nathan and Sarah (Wyman) Brooks, married Elizabeth Richardson, daughter of Pierson and Elizabeth Richardson; intention of marriage dated March 18, 1749. She married Zebadiah Wyman, January 6, 1764, and died 1776.

ruthsymmes.JPG (1358936 bytes)

**** **es ye body of *** **th Symmes, **** to William **mmes, who died *arch 16th, 1758, in ye **** year of her age.

Ruth (Converse) Symmes, died March 16, 1758, aged 72 (?), wife of William Symmes; married December 7, 1704; was born May 28, 1686, daughter of Captain Josiah and Ruth (Marshall) Converse.

Here lyes buried the body of Mr. Jonathan Richardson, who departed this life, July the 16th, 1759, Aged 63 years.

Jonathan Richardson, born July 16, 1696, son of Samuel and Sarah (Hayward) Richardson, married Abigail Wyman.

walker.jpg (1799740 bytes)

Here lyes buried the body of Mrs. Esther Walker, Wife to Mr. Edward Walker, who departed this life, September the 23rd, 1761, Aged 65 years.

Esther (Peirce) Walker, wife to Mr. Edward Walker, married March 31, 1718. She was daughter of Benjamin and Mary Peirce, and born October 25, 1696.

Here lies the body of Mrs. Abigail Symmes, Wife to Mr. John Symmes, who departed this life, May 28th, 1762, Aged 28 years.

Abigail (Dix) Symmes, wife to John Symmes, of Charlestown (Upper end, now Winchester), married November 7, 1754; daughter of John and Mary (Cook) Dix, of Waltham, and born there, May 21, 1733. Her husband was son of William and Ruth (Converse) Symmes.

hannahpierce1.JPG (1213408 bytes)

In Memory of Hannah Peirce, daughter of Mr. Josiah and Mrs. Ruth Peirce, who died December 24th, 1762, ye 5th year of her age.

Hannah Peirce, born September 12, 1758, daughter of Josiah, Jr. and Ruth (Simonds-Thompson) Peirce, and half-sister of Count Rumford.

Zebediah Richardson, son of Mr. Zebediah and Mrs. Esther Richardson, died January 4th, 1764, Aged 5 months and 17 days.

Zebediah Richardson, born August 21, 1763, son of Zebediah and Esther (Swan) Richardson, married at Cambridge, April 19, 1759.

bettybrooks.JPG (1672625 bytes)

Here lyes ye body of Mrs. Betty Brooks, Wife to Mr. Josiah Brooks, who departed this life, July ye 3rd, 1764, in ye 20th year of her age.

Betty (Flagg) Brooks, wife to Josiah Brooks, married August 11, 1763. He was born December 14, 1739; was son of Nathaniel and Submit Brooks, and grandson of Jabez and Hepzibah (Cutter) Brooks. She was "daughter of ye widow Betty Flegg" (Town Records), otherwise, Betty, second wife of Gershom Flagg, 3rd, and was born in Woburn, June 4, 1745.

elizwyman.JPG (1789175 bytes)

Here lyes ye body of Mrs. Elizabeth Wyman, wife of Mr. Benjamin Wyman Jun'r, who departed this life, January ye 6th, 1773, in ye 30th year of her age.

Elizabeth (Swain) Wyman, only wife of Benjamin Wyman, Jr., married October 31, 1765, in Woburn. Mr. Thomas B. Wyman, of Charlestown, Mass., well known as an antiquary and genealogist, in a letter to the compiler of this collection, October 18, 1873, states that she was the daughter of Benjamin Swain and Sarah (Appleton), daughter of Oliver Appleton, of Ipswich, the second wife of Benjamin Wyman, Sr. Benjamin Wyman, Jr., died July 6, 1774, son of Benjamin and first wife, Esther Richardson, born January 1, 1740.

******** ******** Who died ****5th, 1766 in ye *****year of her age.

"********Young & Gay that do pass by, ** You are now So once was I,
*s I am now So you must be, Prepare for death and follow me"

[Abigail Reed?] Broken portion of stone missing altogether.

Samuel Kendall, Son of Mr. Obadiah & Mrs. Elizabeth Kendall, died February 22nd, 1768, in ye 4th year of his life.

Samuel Kendall, born December 8, 1764, son of Deacon Obadiah and Elizabeth (Miles) Kendall; grandson of Lt. Samuel and Elizabeth Kendall.

ichrich.JPG (1413779 bytes)

Here lyes buried the body of Mr. Ichabod Richardson, who departed this life, May the 12th, 1768, in the 63d year of his age.  

Ichabod Richardson, born January 11, 1705-6, son of Deacon Stephen and Bridget Richardson. He was selectman of Woburn in 1756.

huldahwyman.JPG (2527007 bytes)

Here lyes ye body of Mrs. Huldah Wyman, wife of Mr. Nathan Wyman, who departed this life, May ye 28th, 1768, in ye 68th year of her age.

Huldah (Simonds) Wyman, wife to Nathan Wyman, married January 29, 1723; daughter of Lt. Benjamin and Rebecca Simonds, born October 25, 1700; grand-daughter of William, Sr. and Judith (Phippen-Hayward) Simonds, married 1644.

abthomp.jpg (1265182 bytes)

Here lyes ye body of Mrs. Abigail Thompson, wife of Lieut. Samuel Thompson, who departed this life, September ye 2d, 1768, aged 35 years.

Abigail (Tidd) Thompson, first wife of Lt. Samuel Thompson, otherwise Samuel Thompson, Esq., married May 15, 1753, Esquire Thompson, son of Samuel and Ruth (Wright) Thompson, was born October 30, 1731, and died in Woburn, August 17, 1820. She was the daughter of John and Abigail Tidd, of Woburn, and was born September 3, 1733. "May 15, 1753, I, Samuel Thompson, was married to Abigail Tidd. September 2, 1768, Abigail, my wife, died in a consumption, aged 35 years." (S. Thompson's Memorandum Books)

Here lyes buried the body of Mr. Benjamin Brooks, who died January 6th, 1769, in ye 52nd year of his age.

"A loving Husband to His Wife, A tender Parent two,
Greatly lemented was His Death, By frinds and Kindred two.
"The Lord was pleas'd to Call him Home, And by a Suding Blow,
'Twas By the falling of a Tree, To His Long Home did Go.
"And now He slumbers in the Dust, And will not rise before,
The Lord the Judge descends from Heaven, And time shall be no more.

"Blessed are they that died in ye Lord, they Rest from their labours & their works do follow them."

Benjamin Brooks, born April 14, 1717, son of Jabez and Hephzibah (Cutter) Brooks; married Susanna Kendall, published Woburn, April 5, 1746. Benjamin Brooks was treasurer of Woburn, 1750-51. "January 6, 1769, Mr. Benjamin Brooks Killed by the fall of a tree, strangely. A jury of inquest, but all well satisfied." (S. Thompson's Memorandum Book)

Here lyes ye body of Mrs. Susanna Skinner, Wife to Mr. Abraham Skinner, who died January ye 8th, 1769, in ye 23rd year of her age.

"Behold al ye that pass by me, In Silence here I ly,
And as you see that hear I be, So certain you must dy.
This Call then hear for Death Prepare, Now in your youthfull days,
The Lord doth call upon you all, How dangres is delay."

Susanna (Brooks) Skinner, wife to Abraham Skinner (marriage intention dated April 20, 1769), was born June 4, 1747, daughter of Benjamin and Susanna (Kendall) Brooks. The year "1769" in the epitaph should be "1770."

thomrich.jpg (41097 bytes)

Thomas Richardson, Son of Mr. Jeduthun and Mrs. Mary Richardson, died February 22nd, 1769, Aged 26 days.

Thomas Richardson, son of Deacon Jeduthun and Mary (Wright) Richardson, born January 27, 1769; grandson of Thomas and Mary (Russell) Richardson.

Phebe Richardson, who departed this life, March ye 15th, 1756, in ye 17th of her age.

hannahpierce.JPG (1346782 bytes)

Here lyes ye body of Hannah Pierce, daughter of Mr. Josiah and Mrs. Hannah Pierce, who died October ye 23d, 1755, aged 27 years.

Hannah Peirce, born December 6, 1728, daughter of Deacon Josiah and Hannah Peirce of Woburn, and sister of Josiah Peirce, Jr.

abfox.JPG (1244327 bytes)

Here lies interred ye body of Mrs. Abigail Fox, Consort to Mr. William Fox & Daughter of Deacon Samuel Wyman of this town, who departed this life, October ye 26th, 1771, in ye 28th year of her age.

"Ah, Behold how one does die, Being young & full in bloom,
Another dies being very old, Whom age commands to remove home,
O Cruel Death, Ah what awaits thy rage, Thou shows Respect to Virtue nor to Age."

Abigail (Wyman) Fox, first wife of Capt. William Fox, married June 6, 1765; daughter of Deacon Samuel and Abigail (Hartwell) Wyman. "October 1771, William Fox's wife died very sudden." (S. Thompson's Memorandum Book)

thomassalter.JPG (1570382 bytes)

Here lyes interred the body of Mr. Thomas Salter of Boston, Merchant, Ob. 2nd August 1748, AE't 62.

elizlocke1.JPG (1953624 bytes)

elizlocke2.JPG (1071246 bytes)

Here lyes ye body of Elizabeth Lock, wife to John Lock, age 60 years, died February ye 23rd, 1719-20.

Elizabeth (Plympton) Locke, first wife of John Locke, son of Deacon William Locke, Sr., married May 31, 1683.  Her father, Thomas Plympton, emigrated from England, and was killed by Indians at Sudbury, in 1676.  She was born December 23, 1658.

Asahel Porter - 19 April 1775

Here lyes the Body of Mr. Asahel Porter, who was slain in Lexington Battle, on ye 19th of April, 1775. Although a man of peace, he was caught in a conflict not of his choosing. As a result he became one of the first to die for his New Country.
 (Baldwin Historical Society)

thomasrich1.JPG (1420423 bytes)

Here lyes buried the Body of Mr. Thomas Richardson, who departed this life, January the 12th, 1774, in ye 93rd year of his age. 

Thomas Richardson, born September 25, 1684, son of Samuel and Sarah (Hayward) Richardson; married Rebecca Wyman. He was in Lovewell's Fight, 1725, and was one of the few who escaped any considerable injury. "January 1774, Mr. Thomas Richardson died aged ninety, or more." (S. Thompson's Memoranda.)

Here lyes ye Body of Nathan Eames, son of Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Rachel Eames, who departed this life, July ye 21st, 1773, in ye 21st year of his age.

Nathan Eames, born April 11, 1753; son of Jacob and Rachel (Wyman) Eames; grandson of Deacon Samuel and Judith (Simonds) Eames, also of Nathan and Huldah (Simonds) Wyman.

benjwyman.JPG (1338802 bytes)

Here lies buried the body of Captain Benjamin Wyman, who departed this life, May the 26th, 1774, in the 68th year of his age.

"The Memory of the Just is Blessed" 

Captain Benjamin Wyman, born November 13, 1706, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Hancock) Wyman; grandson of Francis Wyman; married Esther Richardson; was treasurer of Woburn from 1752 to 1758, inclusive; likewise in 1774, the year he died.

Here lyes buried the body of Daniel Thompson, who was slain in Concord Battle, on ye 19th of April , 1775, aged 40 years old.

"Here Passenger Confined Reduced to dust, lies what was once Religious wise & Just,
The cause he engaged did animate him high, Namely Religion & dear Liberty.
Steady & warm in Liberties defense, True to his Country, Loyal to His Prince,
Couragious in his Country's cause expired, Although he's gone his name Embalm'd shall be,
And had in Everlasting Memory."

Daniel Thompson, born March 9, 1734, son of Samuel and Ruth (Wright) Thompson, married Phebe Snow, October 29, 1760, daughter of Isaac and Phebe (Richardson) Snow, of Woburn. Daniel Thompson was admitted member of Woburn First Church, October 7, 1759; and Phebe Thompson, wife of Daniel, was admitted member of the same, March 11, 1764. He lived in Central Square, where the late Captain John I. Richardson's place is. On the morning of April 19, 1775, he rode to North Woburn to rouse the people to resist the foe. He declared his determination to oppose the enemy, even if he alone were to do it. Early in the afternoon during the retreat of the enemy from Concord, he was shot dead in Lincoln by a British grenadier. His remains and that of Asahel Porter, the other Woburn man who fell on that eventful day, were interred in Woburn on Friday, April 21, following.

In Memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Kendall, the daughter of Obadiah and Mrs. Elizabeth Kendall, who died December 11, 1787, in the 18th year of her age.

Elizabeth Kendall, daughter of Deacon Obadiah and Elizabeth (Miles) Kendall, born April 25, 1769; grand-daughter of Lieutenant Samuel and Elizabeth Kendall.  "Obadiah Kendall, of Woburn," and "Elizabeth Miles, of Concord" (her parents), were married in Lexington, January 27, 1756.  

lucywyman.JPG (1599567 bytes)

In Memory of Lucy,  wife of Daniel Wyman, who died December 24, 1785. Et. 34.

Lucy (Gardner) Wyman, first wife of Daniel Wyman, married January 26, 1776.  "Daniel Wyman of Woburn, and Lucy Gardner of Charlestown" married January 25, 1776 (per private journal of Reverend Samuel Cooke, pastor of Cambridge Second Precinct, now Arlington).  She was born November 16, 1752 (Woburn Records); daughter of Henry and Lucy Gardner.

Dorothy Gardner

In Memory of Mrs. Dorothy Gardner, wife of Mr. Samuel Gardner, who died February the 11th, 1787, in ye 43rd year of her age.  "Also Elizabeth Gardner, their Dau'tr, died January 10, 1787, Aged 6 weeks.

Dorothy Gardner, wife of Samuel Gardner, was admitted member of Woburn First Church, May 17, 1778.  She was born Dorothy Miles, of Concord; married August 9, 1769, at Medford.  She was born March 12, 1743.  

In Memory of Mr. Samuel Gardner of Charlestown, who died 6th May, 1790, in the 50th year of his age.

Samuel Gardner, of Charlestown, admitted member of Woburn First Church, April 5, 1770; was born February 3, 1740 (Woburn Records), son of Henry and Lucy Gardner.  His wife, Dorothy, died 1787.  

pheberich1.JPG (1479191 bytes)

Here lyes the body of Mrs. Phebe Richardson, widow to Mr. Noah Richardson, who departed this life, April 2nd, 1776, in ye 68th year of her age.

Phebe (Walker) Richardson, widow of Noah Richardson, married December 4, 1727; was born September 7, 1707; daughter of Deacon Samuel and Judith (Howard) Walker; Phebe Richardson perhaps joined the church in Woburn, September 6, 1761.  Gravestones to the memory of six children of "Mr. Noah & Mrs. Phebe Richardson" are severally standing in different portions of this burial yard. 

Fowle Memorial

Erected in commemoration of James Fowle, Esq., and his descendants, by John Fowle, 2nd., who died December 8, 1856, Aged 67 years.  

John Fowle, 2d, born in Woburn, January 1, 1790, son of James and Jane Fowle.  "James Fowle, Jr. & Jane Watts" married in Woburn, November 15, 1781; she being the daughter of Samuel and Susanna (Swan) Watts; married at Menotomy, by S. Cooke, April 4, 1757, and born April 29, 1760.  James Fowle, Esq., died in Woburn, August 16, 1779.  He was the son of Major John and Mary (Converse) Fowle, born June 13, 1720; graduate of Harvard College in 1731; town clerk of Woburn in 1731; 1746 to his death, etc.

John F. Barrett - 1832-1903

John F. Barrett, 1832-1903.

Fowle & Barrett Memorials - First Burial Grounds - Woburn, Massachusetts

Fowle & Barrett Memorials 

John Kendall

Mr. John Kendall (Not listed in First Burial Ground records)

susfowle.JPG (1691453 bytes)

Here lyes ye Body of Mrs. Susanna Fowle, Wife to James Fowle, Esq'r, who departed this life Nov'br the 11th, 1767, Aged 53 Years.

Susanna (Wyman) Fowle, wife of James Fowle, Esq., married Oct. 22, 1741.  She was the daughter of Samuel and Susanna (Simonds) Wyman, born Feb. 14, 1714-1715, in Woburn. "Susanna Fowle (Mrs. James) was admitted a member of Woburn First Church, Nov. 21, 1756."  (Church Manual, p. 9.)

abtay.JPG (1323882 bytes)

Here lies ye Body of Mrs. Abigail Tay, Wife of Lieut. William Tay, who departed this life, Sept. 26th, 1778, in ye 71st year of Her Age.

Abigail (Jones) Tay, wife of Lieut. William Tay, married at Woburn, Jan. 2, 1724; born June 6, 1708; daughter of Samuel and Abigail Jones, of Woburn.  Lieut. William Tay, her husband, died Dec. 8, 1780.  (Town Records.)  Lieut. Tay married, second, Widow Bethiah Winn, in 1780.  " 1778 Mrs. Tay died." (S. Thompson's Memoranda.)

estherthomp.JPG (1420345 bytes)

Here Lyes ye Body of Mrs. Esther Thompson, Wife to Mr. Abijah Thompson, Who Died of the Small Pox, Jan'ry ye 3rd, 1761, in ye 21st Year of Her Age.

"Oh now behold ye Blooming Young & fair,
Se your Sad picture & your peried hear,
How soon your beauties vanish from your for'm,
fall into dust & mingle with ye worm."

Esther (Snow) Thompson, first wife of Abijah Thompson, married Dec. 13, 1759; both admitted members of Woburn First Church, Nov. 9, 1760 (vide Church Manual, p. 10); was probably a native of Woburn; perhaps daughter of Isaac Snow; her birth not on Town Records.  Her husband, better known as Sheriff Abijah Thompson, son of Samuel and Ruth (Wright) Thompson, died Jan. 16, 1811.  

jembrooks.JPG (1448412 bytes)

Here lies the Body of Mrs. Jemima Brooks, Wife to Mr. Ebenezer Brooks, who departed this life Nov'br the 5th, 1774, in ye 57th Year of Her Age.

Jemima (Locke) Brooks, wife of Ebenezer Brooks, married Oct. 28, 1736; daughter of William and Jemima (Russell) Locke, born July 4, 1718.  Ebenezer Brooks, her husband, was son of Jabez and Hephzibah (Cutter) Brooks, and born June 1, 1712.  "Ebenezer Brook's wife died - bloody flux." (S. Thompson's Memoranda.)

bridrich1.JPG (1253233 bytes)

Here lyes ye Body of Bridget Richardson, Dau'tr of Capt. Stephen & Bridget Richardson, Who died Sep't 27th, 1736, Aged 14 Years.

Bridget Richardson, daughter of Capt. Stephen and Bridget Richardson, born in 1722(?). (Vide Vinton Memorial, 385.)

judwalker.JPG (1955337 bytes)

Here lyes ye Body of Mrs. Judith Walker, Wife to Deacon Samuel Walker, Who Dec'd Nov'br 14th, 1724, in ye 57th Year of Her Age.

Judith (Howard) Walker, wife to Deacon Samuel Walker, 2d, son of Deacon Samuel Walker, 1st, married June 1, 1689.  Her husband, chosen a deacon of Woburn First Church, 1709, and one of the first two deacons of the Precinct (Burlington) Church, 1735, died September 28, 1744, aged 77, being interred in Burlington burying-ground, where his gravestone is standing.  His second wife was Mary (Richardson) Fowle.  Deacon Samuel Walker, 2d, first located near the meeting-house in Wilmington; afterward in Burlington.

ensamwyman.JPG (1272702 bytes)

Here lyes Buried ye Body of Ensign Samuel Wyman, Who departed this Life, December ye 18th, Anno Dom'ni, 1743, in ye 55th Year of His Age.

Ensign Samuel Wyman, born February 7, 1689-90, son of Jacob and Elizabeth (Richardson) Wyman; married Susanna Simonds; no marriage record; supposed to be no other than the daughter of James and Susanna (Blogget) Simonds, born May 2, 1689.  

johnholden.JPG (1984787 bytes)

Here lyes Buried ye Body of Mr. John Holdin, Jun'r, Who Departed this Life, Jan'ry 23d, 1753, Aged 21 Years & 28 days.

John Holden, son of John and Mary Holden, born December 25, 1731.

susannawyman.JPG (1448911 bytes)

Here lyes ye Body of M'rs Susanna Wyman, Widow to Ensign Samuel Wyman, Who Died Nov'br ye 24th, 1752, in ye 65th Year of Her Age.

Susanna (Simonds) Wyman, widow of Ensign Samuel Wyman, daughter of James and Susanna Simonds, born May 2, 1689.

nathanbrooks2.JPG (1306232 bytes)

Here Lyes ye Body of M'r Nathan Brooks, Who Departed this life, Jan'ry ye 6th, 1751, in ye 45th Year of His Age.

Nathan Brooks, born November 1, 1706, son of John and Mary (Richardson) Brooks; great-grandson of Henry Brooks, family ancestor; married Sarah Wyman.

sarahbrooks.JPG (2280408 bytes)

Here lyes Buried ye Body of M'rs Sarah Brooks, Wife to M'r Nathan Brooks, Who Departed this Life, Feb'ry 21st, 1747, Aged 40 Years, 6 Months & 3 Days.

Sarah (Wyman) Brooks, wife of Nathan Brooks, daughter of Cornet Jonathan and Hannah (Fowle) Wyman, born August 18, 1706.

samthompson1.JPG (1957038 bytes)

Here Lyes Buried ye Body of M'r Samuel Tompson, who Departed this life, May 13th, 1748, in ye 43'd Year of His Age.

Samuel Thompson, born September 8, 1705, son of Jonathan and Frances (Whitmore) Thompson, great-grandson of James Thompson, family ancestor; married Ruth Wright, December 31, 1730.

elizblog.JPG (1990385 bytes)

Here Lyes ye Body of Elizabeth Blogget, wife of Caleb Blogget, Aged about 22 Years.  Died May 24th, 1713.

"Memento Mori - Fugit Hora"

Elizabeth Blogget, (Blodget), wife of Caleb Blogget, - presumed Caleb,  - son of Ensign Samuel and Huldah (Simonds) Blogget, and grandson of Samuel Blogget, who was born in England.  Caleb Blogget was born in Woburn, November 11, 1691.  Caleb Blogget, styled "Captain" and "Mr.," was a prominent man in Woburn during the first half of the century.  Caleb Blogget, by wife Sarah Wyman, was the father of the famous Hon. Samuel Blodget, of Amoskeag, N. H., who was born in Woburn, April 1, 1724.

annacooper.JPG (2398426 bytes)

Here Lyes Buried the Body of Anna Cooper, Aged 45 Years, who departed This Life, March the 9th, 1712.

Anna Cooper died "aged 48 years" (Town Records), born December 26, 1667 (Town Records, 1668), Cambridge, daughter of Deacon John Cooper of Cambridge.  Her mother married James Converse, Sr. of Woburn.

stephenrich1.JPG (950360 bytes)

Stephen, ye son of Stephen & Bridget Richardson, aged 7 years, 3 months dyed Sept. 21st, 1703.

Stephen Richardson, son of Deacon Stephen and Bridget Richardson, born June 12, 1696.

july1692.JPG (1296636 bytes)

This stone is unidentifiable - From what is still identifiable on the stone "Of July 1692" - This could either be William Batman or Deacon Josiah Convers - as they both died in the same month and year.

splitstone.JPG (1187275 bytes)

Unidentifiable Stone - Badly split and broken

upstone.JPG (1194453 bytes)

Unidentifiable Stone - Fallen down

samgardner2.JPG (1829403 bytes)

The Case Of The Two Samuel Gardner's'?

This stone is unidentifiable as there are two Samuel Gardner's in the First Burial Ground, it actually looks more like a footstone; which was very common in that time - I guess they did this to make it more like a bed than a grave?  Find the epitaphs in the above pages...Toni

The above photos were taken by the Grave Group of Woburn, Massachusetts, which includes:  
Marie Coady, Judy Woods, Doris McKee, Marie Price, Rose Runfola and Toni Lasseter.


Source: Transcript of Epitaphs in Woburn First and Second Burial-Grounds, Chronologically arranged, with brief illustrative notes by William R. Cutter and Edward F. Johnson (1890).

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